About JAB

"Done is better than perfect © Sheryl Sandberg
Time is a precious resource. Quick and accurate decisions, even atomic actions with the right vector instead of unproductive thinking — the JAB’s concept.
The jab is one of the main types of punches in boxing. It has a very small impulse of force and is based solely on speed and accuracy of movement.

Unlike punches delivered with force (making complex, planned decisions), the body is balanced by small maneuvering steps.

Although the jab is not the strongest of the punches in the arsenal, it is considered by many to be one of the most important. It does not require a large expenditure of energy, especially when it misses.
To echo Sheryl Sandberg’s "Done is better than perfect" doesn’t mean you should settle for half-measures. It just says that it is better to do, analyze the result and make adjustments as needed instead of a long, unproductive chase after an unattainable ideal.

A bit more about our principles.

■ Design: identity development, printing, industrial design.
■ Marketing and consulting: complex solutions and atomic tasks.
■ Web: building information systems, automation.
Aerial photo- and videography in Israel.
■ Other.

To listen to the world around us by tirelessly developing our skills and expanding our competencies.

To inspire out-of-the-box approaches and implement quick solutions.

Attention to detail, taking initiative and finding creative solutions.

■ Find out-of-the-box approaches, rethink and refine existing ones.
■ Realize potential on a wide range of business problems.
■ To help you see situations in a new way.
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