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Aerial photo- and videography

Aerial photo- and videography is a great way to show the scope of a project/event and see it from an off-the-beaten-path angle.
The object of shooting can be a panorama of nature or a building under construction, a holiday in the daytime or a night fireworks display. A photo of an office building in the sunlight will decorate a corporate website, and an overflight of a construction site (including on a regular basis) will allow you to monitor the progress of work. There can be a lot of applications.
The proliferation of quadcopters has led to an increase in offerings in the aerial photography market. But the devil, as usual, lies in the details. Lack of contextualization, trying to fit a shoot into a 20-minute session until the battery runs out is a questionable approach.
The smart thing to do is to start with the task at hand. What for, for whom you are shooting, goals and specifics. Sightseeing for a travel agency or a factory under construction — the approaches should be different. Exaggerating, for the first case, sunny weather, abundance of passers-by, maybe a summer/winter or day/night combination are probably important. In the second case, the emphasis is usually on capturing the stages of construction, the process (welding, people and machinery), the background, and the subtleties (what should be in the frame and what should not).
Preparatory work is essential. Then the shooting itself and the subsequent events are quick and clear (JAB!).
The result can be either video (sources, edited video) or photo (scene, panorama). For demonstration of panning we have made a couple of them — click on the photo and rotate (12.5 Mb each):
From 2022 we’re ready to participate in projects throughout Israel.