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JAB logo

We are faithful to our principles when working on projects, and we did not change them when developing our logo.
The first draft was born too quickly. There was an urgent project where it could be spotlighted:
It turned out to be as simple and variable as possible, assuming modification depending on the direction: design, web, typography, aerial photo and so on:
The project was a stand (development and printing of the layout, provision of equipment). It also revealed an obvious weakness of the solution — the strong similarity of the words "jab" and "job". It looks like we promoted a job search site:
Of course, it had to be redone. A couple of evenings and a revision appeared:
Unfortunately, a picture search showed that the same move had already been used by a company from Kaliningrad. The work continued.
For a number of reasons, the task was somewhat broader than just coming up with a logo. It was necessary to place the name in its entirety. The desire for simplification led to a one-stroke version:
His shortcoming became apparent after visualizing the first medium that came to mind — the medical mask that has become an indispensable attribute of modernity.
On the one hand, as Artemy Lebedev said, it is the highest skill to draw ■■ck in a logo. On the other hand, wearing such a specific silhouette on the cheek is not comical. Besides, the question about the length of the "A" never ceased to arise…
And then the new input came, and the need to represent all the letters disappeared. It’s like a mountain off our backs. We sketched out another series of variants.
Creating a logo for ourself is a particularly difficult task because of the immediate interest and a washed-out look. We turned to a colleague whom we consider a real guru. His answer was:
— Hi! I’m sorry to interrupt you with all this crap. I promise, as soon as you help me find a direction, I’ll leave you alone! =) Well, give me a hint, you’re a guru, and I want to connect my life with it…
— Cute
The same option was pointed out by two more (out of the same two) respondents, chosen deliberately different: gender, lifestyle, views, etc.
The merch was rendered and the son of one of them unequivocally concluded that he wanted such a hoodie. The choice is made. Clean up the rough edges and the logo is ready: