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Museum of Jewish heroism and Holocaust

On November 28, 2010, the museum of Jewish heroism and the Holocaust was opened in Ashdod (Israel), dedicated to the tragedy and exploits of Jews during World War II, with thousands of unique exhibits.
In addition, the museum connects generations by introducing the history of the Israel Defense Forces. The museum is currently preparing to open an exhibit on operation "Iron swords" and the Ashdod residents who died in it.
The museum staff conducts a complex research project, collects and studies documents in constant contact with the leading military archives of Russia and Europe, organizes excursions in different languages, meetings with veterans and thematic evenings.
Over the years, more than 25 thousand people from all over the world have visited the museum.
Unfortunately, not everyone knows or cannot find information about the museum. Being a unique asset, it was lost and lacked an identity. We undertook to correct this, feeling immense responsibility and the desire to give the museum a worthy modern face.
The menorah (seven-pointed lamp), which is one of the oldest symbols of Judaism and national identity, and the Star of David, the well-known symbol of Israel, which is present on the national flag, were taken as a basis.
We are true to our principles of minimalism and attention to detail: the menorah consists of a central lamp and six branches, three on each side.
A five-meter bronze menorah is placed outside the Knesset building in Jerusalem. On its pedestal is written: "The menorah is a symbol of light, faith and hope that has led the Jewish people for four thousand years through suffering… Its mission is the preservation of faith in justice…".
May our menorah also be a worthy marker for a museum that keeps faith in justice alive.
We also offered to create a website and a 3D virtual tour. We would be honored to have the opportunity to continue working on the project.
For now, we’ll leave the summary information here:
Address: Mevo ha-Saifan 5, Ashdod — Google, Weiz.
The museum is free to visit and opens its doors by appointment: 08−6 343 045.