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Na mote

People are herd animals that do not exist separately from society. Each person must belong to a community (or rather, to different communities) and have a circle of people with whom he or she can associate. For this reason, there are online and offline groups.
Took the motorcycle community of the Novgorod region in our crosshairs.


Lack of operational communication channel, in particular, with the recent postponement of the start time of the motorcycle convoy at the opening of the next season, many people did not have time to get this information.
The city has a motorcycle community based in VK (more than 7 thousand subscribers), which makes it difficult to participate. Many people do not use this social network for various reasons. In addition, as Pavel Durov noted, social networks will smoothly move to messengers — and this thesis is already being confirmed.
Here we are overlooking the official motorcycle clubs, they are separate and their communications are better established.
As a result, there are people with a craving for communication, there is a convenient promoted messenger that continues to actively gain credibility, but these two worlds do not intersect.


The essence of the project is to unite motorcyclists of the Novgorod region, giving them a convenient platform for communication.
Side tasks:
— to practice building and promoting a large-scale community (we already have experience in a narrowly focused area — we have tried a lot of things, made conclusions, and are moving on),
— to realize your potential on the introduction of interesting and non-standard moves (bots, etc.),
— to promote JAB.


The main benefit is to get a channel for prompt and comprehensive exchange of any thematic information. These are announcements about motorcycle events, cooperation for rides, dissemination of information about new interesting places to visit and places to service motorcycles, search for solutions to problems, bulletin board for buying and selling motorcycles and accessories (in the future, it may be worth to separate these areas — depends on the demand), roadside assistance (here efficiency is especially important) and many other aspects.
Well, and an adequate share of offtopic can’t be canceled.


The list of tasks is extensive, but we decided not to create a multi-level hierarchy like the motorcycle club hierarchy.
At the initial stage we limited ourselves to three administrators-moderators. They were city motorcyclists, proven, adequate guys, chosen deliberately different (age, participation in mototusovki, classes of motorcycles, etc.). Their tasks at the start — participation in the formation of the vision, initial involvement of participants from the circle of acquaintances.
Later on, a work regulation will be drawn up in which we will jointly describe possible situations and how to respond to them.
As experience on a small narrow-profile community has shown, leaders are noticed almost immediately — in the future they will become moderators, and the community will become self-organized.
The community will be built on the most liberal principles with an exceptionally gentle attitude towards censorship. We are committed to the principles of freedom of speech. Only libel and odious statements on political and religious topics will be banned.


In addition to the requirement that the name must be simple, short and clear, it is important that it be free. With the growing popularity of Telegram, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find such names — it seems that cybersquatting will soon intensify its development here as well.
After a brief search (remembering JAB’s principles) we chose what we thought was appropriate — "Na mote", "namote" (it means "on a motorcycle" in Russian).
First of all, this is a community of those who ride a motorcycle. "Mot" is a clear and commonly used abbreviation, so it doesn’t cut the ear.
Secondly, "NAMOTE" has variants of deciphering: "Novgorod Association of MOTorcycle Enthusiasts" or "Novgorodian Area MOTorcycle Enthusiasts".
And thirdly, the absence of an obvious connection to Novgorod leaves the potential for community expansion. In the meantime, we took the domain namote.ru.


As usual, they set out to get away from the cliched images of a motorcycle and helmet. These are the two wheels, as well as the first three significant letters of the name.
Its atypicality for motorcycle communities, we are sure, will play to the advantage on the detachment from possible competitors.


From the first chips we plan to fill the information vacuum — to collect a map of interesting places and routes. The high demand and lack of options simply leave no alternatives.
To replenish them, participants will be attracted — it is easy to propose a new place or route, the effect is noticeable, the activity is taken into account and the one who has already spoken out is involved in the project.


To invite the first participants you need to create a base, in an empty group there is nothing to do, as there is no mood.
After the initial stuffing, we engage targeted invitations. Administrators already communicate in their loosely overlapping circles.
Before moving to the next stage, administrators will gather opinions and ideas from participants, which we will carefully analyze and improve the community.
Next, we will use the age-old method of word of mouth. We will negotiate with potential partners: small motorcycle communities, motorcycle venues (stores, car washes, etc.), leave information about ourselves with them — business cards and stickers.
And, of course, we’ll post a couple of inormative posts in popular publicks in the city and add to the group directories.


The next rather important point is the launch date. In principle, they are ready to launch on Friday, but there is a hypothesis that attention is already scattered, and it is better to do it on Monday, when potential participants are thinking about the weekend and flipping through social media feeds at work.


The goal is set, we’ve got plenty of ideas, let’s get started. Be na mote!
Addendum: over the past time the club has grown, meetings are held all year round, participants are grouped according to their desires, form pairs. Released a wide variety of souvenirs, and partly by enthusiasts in piece execution, photos of which, made around the world, warm the soul and prove that all was not in vain!