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Sparkle (in Russian — "Искорка") is a children’s club that teaches judo to boys and girls from the age of four or five.
Its peculiarity is its exceptional human attitude to both students and parents. Such attentive and caring attitude on the part of coaches and administration is more and more rare.
It was decided to make the logo deliberately ascetic, emphasizing the principles of judo: maximum effect with minimum effort, constant movement, integrity of personality while harmonizing self-torture and laziness, bravado and cowardice.
Also we should not forget that this is a children’s club, so the sign should have an aura of kindness and childlike directness.
The color palette is made up by the colors of the belts. By the way, it turned out that the black belt is not the outermost one. It is followed by red-white and red. Bright intermediate ones are chosen: yellow as the first one to be earned, blue as the middle of the row and the final red.
And with a descriptor:
The proposed logo can be easily transformed into an English version. Taking into account the fact that students tirelessly occupy the top steps of the podium (or even all of them), such a version may well be useful for international competitions:
In general, it is necessary to educate the younger generation from diapers. And taking into account that many students have younger brothers and sisters, it is possible to start with them: