JAB journal


In the era of mass production and standardization, handmade becomes an oasis of individuality, where each object has its own character and carries a piece of the master’s soul.
Brokain studio repairs jewelry and also creates stylish items made of ceramics, glass and metal. After getting to know the eccentric founder, whose works did not leave indifferent with their style, aesthetics and healthy boldness, it became clear what ideas would form the basis of the logo.
An additional feature is that since it is only possible to sign a number of jobs by hand, the sign should be applied as simply as possible.
We love it if the customer is actively involved in the course of the work. This is especially important when we work for a creative person.
Thanks to Eva’s fresh, caring eye, the proposed concept was turned upside down — literally, with a 180° turn — and played out:
It was decided to create a variant with "THINGS" and prepare the literals for the descriptors, adding juiciness:
The result is a fresh, memorable, easy to apply sign, even by hand. It will look even more stylish in the reality than in pictures:
Working on the logo was a pleasure, for which we thank Eva once again!
P. S. Be sure to take a look at Brokain things.