JAB journal

Lyudmila Zakharchuk

Law and notary are extremely precise humanitarian disciplines in which every comma is critically important. A specialist must be as meticulous as possible, which all elements of his or her identity must emphasize.
Total minimalism and brevity is exactly what we stayed true to this time.
Lyudmila Zakharchuk is a lawyer with fifteen years of experience. Having undergone training and passed all qualification exams, she obtained the status of notary and with an updated set of services she drew a logo, made a website and advertises.
Unfortunately, this laudable move from a literacy perspective is the wrong decision. We decided to help by starting with the logo.
Initially, we refuse trivial scales, goddesses of justice and pen. Who is a lawyer? Someone who spends his time so that the client can spend it not behind bars or working off a fine. Who is a notary public? A bureaucrat whose services are defined by law, which takes time, and every applicant would like to reduce it. In other words, everything is built around saving time.
By combining "L", "Z" and hourglass, a stylish and stable grapheme was obtained:
The logo was to his liking, but the development of the identity stalled due to the peculiarities of the Middle Eastern way of life.
We expect to return to the project in due course according to the proposed plan, for now, however, we decided to share the work.