JAB journal


Barby private pastry shop is at the beginning of its hopefully never-ending growth and is making life sweeter with cakes and cupcakes. We welcome the opportunity to contribute a little to this endeavor.
First, we recommended a renaming: Barbie → Barby. There are two reasons for this. Firstly, it is correct from the point of view of having a popular brand, i.e. this way we avoid infringing the rights of the trademark owner. In addition, to be in the top of search engines would be extremely difficult. And secondly, in this case, the phonetics is preserved, which is extremely important, because this name has a sacred meaning, which is even better emphasized by the presence of "Y".
The familiar visual image of a pastry shop can be called a cake. They decided to keep the clear direction by realizing a visually simple and calm sign with a hidden "B":
The gradient used is close to the environment in which the brand will be promoted.
And stickers like these will soon adorn the packaging:
We prepared vector layout for the print shop and images for social media accounts:
We invite Novgorod residents to appreciate cakes and cupcakes from Barby.
Addendum: it’s nice when projects come to fruition quickly — admire it and we’ll give it a try: