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NTS ("НТШ") — Novgorod Technical School is an ambitious educational project launched in Velikiy Novgorod.
It brings together regional industry leaders, world-class laboratories and future professionals, the backbone of the country.
In the age of digitalization, its emergence will be a significant milestone in the city’s development, inspiring the spirit of the student body and attracting minds from across the country.
We designed a logo for the school that expressed its tech-savvy nature:
The grapheme is formed by the letter "Н" (Russian "N" for Novgorodskaya) and also the "Т" and "Ш" (for Russian "technical" and "school") framing it.
The logo looks stylish and readable against any background:
And easily transformed into an English-language version (with "N"):
Simple, legible and recognizable on any surface:
Stylish, will find its place in the design of future students' work:
Suitable for signage and building campus navigation:
As ardent supporters of digitalization and information technology, we took the initiative to develop and propose a logo for the school (take a look at the presentation, PDF in Russian, 510 Kb). We hope to become part of the team, develop the identity and collaborate on our other activities.