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Novgorodskaya SEZ

Treating the development of the Novgorod region with all the attention and trepidation, we could not pass by such a landmark project as the construction of Novgorodskaya SEZ.
This is a special territory, the residents of which are provided with a variety of benefits that simplify business development.
We are glad that the potential of the Novgorod region has been appreciated and that such a zone will appear here. We decided to make a logo and propose it to the administration.
As the residents will be quite different businesses, it should be as abstract as possible, not tied to the industry. The Alabuga branding was taken as a reference point, since the same team is involved in the construction and development of the new SEZ. The result was as follows:
Логотип ОЭЗ «Новгородская»
And the English-language version:
SEZ “Novgorodskaya logo”
Grapheme variation makes it possible to get a recognizable image in both languages with a single stroke:
Логотип ОЭЗ «Новгородская»
In addition, we made a simple aggregator of news from the Novgorod SEZ (disconnected in May 2023 due to irrelevance):
Сайт ОЭЗ «Новгородская»
Finally, after diving into the details and gathering up-to-date first-hand information, we identified the sites that would be launched first and flew down to see them live. The panorama from the point directly above the site by clicking:
Сайт ОЭЗ «Новгородская»
Even if the logo remains unclaimed, we enjoyed working on the project. Follow the development of the Novgorodskaya SEZ with us!