JAB journal

Tasha Dreads

Hair not only plays a crucial role in a person’s image, but can also be an accent in their self-identity. All the more meaningful is a logo design project for someone who helps people find that identity. Tasha Dreads is exactly about that.
Dreadlocks with their inherent informality, unconventionality and unconventionality is what we wanted to convey in the Tasha Dreads sign — the intertwined "T" — which turned out to be very variable:
The grapheme is memorable and will definitely be able to be adapted to the task, and the vibrant color palette is infused with the work seen and can be expanded almost infinitely:
Let the logo be a worthy pillar for the brand, and keep the customers happy with the merch!
Well if you’re in Israel, you know that Tasha Dreads is based in Netanya.