JAB journal

Chudovo parking

We often travel to Moscow on the Sapsan from Chudovo. Sometimes by car — and then, in order not to worry about the condition of the car we have left behind, it is advisable to use a guarded parking lot. Ideally, nearby.
Over time, I found one by word of mouth and it was only 700 meters away from the station in a straight line. The problem is that there is no information about it either in directories like 2GIS or just on the web.
While the parking lot was never empty, it was regularly reported by the security guard as possibly closing soon, and no alternatives to this parking lot could be found.
Once again, being pleasantly surprised that it was not closed, we left the car and for three hours of the road to Moscow with a dubious internet took the domain chudovopark.ru, sketched a microsite and added to Yandex, Google and a couple of regional reference sites.
Hopefully, this will help the parking lot gain customers and its owner discourage the thought of closing.
Added in February 2024: about ten people visit the site daily. We say hello to the parking owner and renew the domain name registration.