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Motogymkhana VN

Motogymkhana is a time trial sport in which participants on motorcycles compete in speed maneuvering on an asphalt platform among artificial obstacles in the form of cones. It originated in Japan in the 1970s and is due to the desire to create a sport that does not need special motorcycles and tracks.
"Motogymkhana Velikiy Novgorod" is an informal association of people with a passion for driving motorcycles and the desire to develop their skills in maneuvering and safe driving. The association is led by Andrey, who founded and conducts training and education for all comers absolutely free of charge.
There is a motorcyclist in JAB who is grateful to Andrey for his immense positivity, openness and enthusiasm. We decided to take a creative approach to the issue by updating the logo.
Actually, that’s Andrey in a helmet:
In addition to the silhouette, it’s also a training track with sections of snakes, spins and long accelerations. In the hair (yes, yes, you can’t see it through the helmet, but…) you can read "V" and "N" from the name of the city, "M" and "g" around the cone, it’s clear why.
And a few examples:
We sincerely wish the whole movement and Andrey personally further development, harmonious combination of this hobby with the rest of life and its growth into business!