JAB journal


A competition to design a logo for the European alliance of abrasives manufacturers (EAA) was announced online. We offered our vision. Looking ahead, our version was not accepted, but we are not upset because we were able to demonstrate our approach once again.
There wasn’t much input. Some abstract association, abrasive materials — that’s all. Usually, of course, we study the tasks in more depth, but we work with what we have.
Since it is an association, and a European one at that, the sign should emit solidity. We took the shape of a square in which we inscribed the abbreviation "EAA":
An additional feature noticed is the same number of letters in all three words. So, by choosing monospaced font, we reinforced the shape.
We’ve prepared a couple of options for demonstration:
By the way, a year after publication, Google provides the following variants of competitors, which only more strikingly emphasize the differences in our approaches: