JAB journal

Alina Girshovich

The life of a repatriate is not easy: language barrier, loss of status, new realities. The more significant are the merits of those who do not give up, looking for themselves in a new place, or even in new roles.
"Repatriate" comes from Latin for "returning to the homeland" — a person who has moved permanently to Israel.
Alina is always a positive, very active and versatile person. We decided to mark the birth of a new specialist with a new image:
A massage therapist is not just a person who kneads bodies. It turns out that long training involves learning a huge body of knowledge. At the same time, tactility is central. And the fingerprint, which gives life-giving contact, is the basis of the grapheme.
And the stylized letter "ג" (gimel) starting in the surname gave the mark its individuality.
The strict laconism of dark gray lines is diluted with lush greenery, giving an aura of health, naturalness and freshness.
Logo accepted, waiting for invitation to develop the idea on promotional stickers, business cards, signs, uniforms, etc.