JAB journal

School No.37

When sending off my eldest daughter and choosing a freshly built school so that more newness, cleanliness and openness would surround her from the start of her education, I couldn’t help but look at the school’s website and missing brand identity.
It was decided to involve the first grader herself in the project.
Aerial photography from a quadrocopter revealed the shapes, colors, and locations of the hulls:
Вид на школу с воздуха
A modern, minimalist style with simple shapes was chosen as the logo concept as a reflection of cutting off everything superfluous.
Since, due to the lack of a name, the external unique distinguishing feature of the school is its number, it was decided to use it in the logo.
Together with my daughter, a number of sketches were made:
Малая часть набросков
The concept is 7 buildings with their true location forming the school number "37". The orientation of the logo gives it an impetuousness and zeal for knowledge.
The end result was a meaningful, avant-garde, juicy logo, a rocket (according to the second child):
Логотип школы
The logo looks great in a variety of uses:
Картонная папка
A short four-page presentation was prepared for the director:
The proposal to the director found approval, but unfortunately not the implementation of the logo. It touched upon larger tasks such as the full development of corporate identity, website and many media such as bulletin boards, navigation system, etc. The proposal was approved by the director, but unfortunately not the implementation of the logo.
The principal changed, the decision to name the school after a famous figure was dropped, but the joint work with my daughter did not go to waste — on her first school day she went to school with a branded badge, notebook, pen and pencil.
And yet the logo is featured on the school's website, albeit in a distorted form at the very bottom:
Скриншот сайта школы
Added in November 2022: received the paperwork from the school and were pleasantly surprised:
Печать школы с логотипом от Джеба