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Sport academy

A martial arts school that has existed for decades had and still has a rather hackneyed specific name. Classes in it and indifference to what surrounds it led to the idea of rebranding.
The proposed name "Tov Team" is both a reference to the name of the head coach, the power of the legendary TT pistol, and also has potential for development.
The simplicity inherent in functional sports has been translated through the prism of perception into a memorable, modern sign, deliberately away from standard images, in the form of a stylish letter "t" on a shield:
Логотип Tov Team
Логотип Tov Team
To implement the new look, medals have been ordered for a competition scheduled in a week:
Макет медали с логотипом Tov Team
The work was accepted by the head coach with gratitude and enthusiasm, but for reasons beyond the control of both parties the project was not given further life.
But the prize fighters will retain some interesting artifacts.