JAB journal

Eduard Filbeger

The video of Pavel Gitelman that caught our eyes introduced an interesting person, a professional boxer who was able to succeed not only in sports.
Emotions may lurk, but it is inherent in us to materialize them. We decided to imagine what an identity could look like. Especially since Jeb and boxing are inseparable.
Minimalistic, stylish, not hackneyed — that’s the basis. We take the initials, take one out into the negative, add a plant and a ladder as metaphors of growth and development, and fit it into an absolute form, a circle:
Логотип Эдуарда Филбегера
The grapheme turned out strong:
Логотип Эдуарда Филбегера
Логотип Эдуарда Филбегера
In the meantime, we found out that the most suitable domain name is free. It is also cool because, thanks to the indeclinable surname, the name mail is suitable for both sexes. We borrowed filbeger.com and placed a stopper — we’ll pass it on when we can.
Let’s give strong logos for strong people!